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What is a wiki?

• A wiki is webpage (or collection of webpages) that can easily be edited by one or more people. Although wikis have been in existence for more than thirteen years (Ward Cunningham created and posted the first wiki on the Internet in 1995), their popularity and use for educational purposes has caught on in the last few years.

• "Wiki" is a Hawaiian word meaning "fast." Wiki sites can quickly be created and edited using one of the many free wiki hosting sites available on the Internet.

• Perhaps the best-known wiki is Wikipedia. (See Wikipedia's definition of "wiki.")

• Wikis can be used to create simple websites maintained by just one person, but when most people think of the word "wiki," they think of collaboration. The Common Craft Show has created a video to demonstrate the collaborative power of wikis.

Teachers First Wiki Walk-Through Take a self-paced tour of wiki hows and whys.

Why a Wiki!